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About East Castle Spa

East Castle Spa is a top-class sauna in Macau, newly reopened after the relocation of a famous sauna called Sanado Spa!

This sauna, which moved to the Casa Real Hotel, incorporates interior decorations that focus on private rooms, giving it a calm and luxurious atmosphere.

East Castle Spa details

One of the greatest features of East Castle Spa is its beautiful and clean private rooms with a luxurious atmosphere.
Special private rooms are available for various situations. This sauna offers a special experience in an extraordinary space!

This sauna is said to be one of the best in Macau, clean and beautiful, and the staff is well trained.
It is the best sauna to spend an elegant moment in Macau!

East Castle Spa Information

Name of the PlaceEast Castle Spa
Price GuideEntrance fee: 1,608 HKD
Playing with girls: +1,300 HKD ~.

– Varies depending on the massage and the rank of the girl.
– Sauna only available.
– Additional fees for food and beverages (alcohol, etc.) are charged separately.
– Prices are subject to change.
Payment MethodCash(HKD・MOP)、Card(Vasa・Master・UnionPay)
Telephone Number+853-2872-6688
Business hours16:30 pm 〜4:00 am
Google Maphttps://maps.app.goo.gl/xTeCr7XB9zaAN56u5
CommentIt is the finest sauna in Macau!
– [2024]Top 5 recommended saunas
– Free Taxi service is now available.

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